About Us


We are an initiative to fulfill the current needs and perhaps the blanks in the blogging area about translation. Our very goal is to achieve something most could not have and go beyond the limits that were not thought of being demolished before. Instead of sticking to usual ways of doing it, we have a rather unorthodox approach as to content and the way the blog interacts with all of its shareholders; from the people that are on the top in terms of education, to the masters of their areas in the market, and again, nor is this all, even those you would not think of having as working partners.

Think of it, when people sit around a table, what would happen if they were to accept an interesting guest to talk about the things that bother them, of course in relevance to translation in this case, someone that those “top” people would not meet and chat about things in everyday life so often.

Also think about your everyday blog, think of its ways to provide you news and interesting articles, maybe even some media,  now open your eyes, and dare to break grounds, as we are attempting to destroy the so-called limits on how blogs work. Monologues, not intriguing content, always the same. Not anymore. Join us as we are going beyond, using all kinds of possibilities to be in interaction with our shareholders, creating contents based on their own feedbacks, holding regular meetings and workshops, as we feel the pulse of translation itself.