So, this year marked the 50th anniversary for The Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey, covered by us here. Following up the AIIC VEGA Network & TKTD Istanbul conference on the 19th, TKTD held a joint two-day conference with the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) on 20-21 December, welcoming all actors of the effulgent profession […]


We asked the stakeholders in the translation world about their expectations from 2020. Music: Warm Memories Christmas Songs, Christmas Cello Music Orchestra, Christmas Carols Consort We wish you a peaceful year where healthy and effective communication between stakeholders is established and nature and human beings are the priorities. Thank you: Erkan Altınsoy, Mona Baker, Betül […]


On the 19th, T-1 attended a conference organised by the AIIC VEGA Network in close collaboration with The Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey (TKTD). It was one conference with two different audiences: a session for students and newcomers to the profession in the morning and another session for the professionals and seasoned interpreting booth veterans later in the day.


On September 17, celebrating its 50th anniversary with a press conference at Boğaziçi University, The Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey introduced the book “The Things I’ve Heard,” in which interviews with 35 conference interpreters representing 3 generations on the milestones of the profession as well as their memories are included. A T-1 crew was also […]